Canine Behaviour Course - Units 1-7

Canine Behaviour Course : Behaviour, Training & Modification

Divided into a series of units delivered via seminars & workshops with additional home study

  • Unit 1 How Dogs Learn 2017 May 15-17 (3 Days) course plus assessment £225.00
    Canine behavioural development stages, blocks, catalysts and influences on learning, reward and motivation, nature versus nurture, temperament testing, instinctive and innate behaviours, communication, social learning, survival instincts, natural responses, emotions, senses, social groups, the dominance and hierarchy/pack order debate.—why not make a week of it and stay for unit 2?
    KCAI – Section A: A3 Living with Dogs i, ii, viii, ix. A4 Dog Behaviour ii—ix and A5 Training the Dog i—x


  • Unit 2 Evolution and Breeds 2017 May 18-19 (2 Days) course plus assessment £150.00
    Understanding terms – Ethology, cynology, behaviourist. Evolution and domestication - from ancient times to current breeds and influences. The wolf and its role in domestic dogs. Understanding breeds, breed specific behaviours and psychological and physiological needs of breed, breed types and individuals. Why not make a week of it and come for unit 1 as well? See Above.
    KCAI – Section A: A4 Dog Behaviour - Evolution and Ethology i, v, vii


  • Unit 3 Essential Solutions to Everyday Behaviour Problems 2017 1-2 July 2 Day Workshop £95
  • Workshop with presentation, demonstration, practical and video. Everyday problems instructors can prevent or solve. Covering Noise, Biting, Growling, Lack of recall, Chasing, Distraction, Mild Aggresion, Excessive Pulling, Jumping up, Stealing, Childre and Dogs, Multiple Dogs, Seperation, Hyper Activity Fear Phobias. Also proofing, generalisation, knowing your limitations. From 2017 this unit will form part of our certified behaviour course.  KCAI A4
  • Unit 4 IABTC Instructing Pet Dog Owners (Practical Competence) (4 Days) course & assessment £299.00
    2017  February 13-16  April 24-27 September 18-21
    There are a number of levels that students can achieve and most people will want to attend on more than one occasion to gain the best from this course and it is largely aimed at those running classes: An assessment and IABTC Certified awards are available. See Practical Instructor Course
    KCAI – Section C and section B module companion dog (CD) and R
  • Unit 5 Brain & Behaviour 2017 October 10-13 (4 Days) course plus assessment £299.00
    Brain - how the brain works and how this affects behaviour. Normal and abnormal behaviour. Common causes of problems, Behavioural and emotional states including aggression, separation, anxiety and stress and make links to intrinsic responses, psychopharmacology and complementary therapies. This unit builds on Unit 1&2, therefore, those attending will be expected to have this knowledge. 

    KCAI – Section A: A4 Dog Behaviour i, ii, vi, ix. A5 vii. A7 Problem Behaviour i– viii
  • Unit 6 Introduction to Behaviour Modification - 2017 November 13-16 (4 Days) Course plus assessment £299.00
    Treatment of behaviour Problems - Case studies – learning how to analyse specific behaviour problems and produce modification programmes in the real world. Also covering: professionalism, counselling and advising. For this unit you will be able to bring your own case studies, work though past case studies of the tutors and the centre as well as working with real clients under the supervision of the course leaders. Those attending this course will be expected to have a good working knowledge of the subjects in all of the above units.
  • Unit 7 Intermediate Behaviour Modification - 2017 December 12-14 (3 Days) course & assessment £225.00
    Case studies – Building on your knowledge of how to analyse more complex behaviour problems and produce modification programmes. Working with real cases and case studies.

  • Unit 8 Advanced Behaviour Modification 2017 January 18-20 2018 TBA (3 Days) course and assessment £225.00
    As Unit 6 Exploring more cases - Case studies – Building on your knowledge of how to analyse more complex behaviour problems and produce modification programmes. Working with real cases and case studies.

Units 5,6,& 7 will cover KCAI – Section A: A7 Problem Behaviour i-x. A9 Professional Service i-x. A8 Laws & Responsibilities vi, vii, ix, x. With the application of knowledge from units 1-4.
KCAI - Section B: This unit will support learning for B Modules: Responsible dog Ownership
KCAI - Section C: Ci – ix. (In relation to dealing with behaviour modification).

Price includes tuition, course manual/workbook, full support, after course assignment & assessment with individual written feedback. These courses will have restricted numbers to ensure you of our best attention. Ideally the units should be studied in order however:

  • Units 1-3 follow a natural progression
  • Unit 4 can be taken at any time and it also stands alone as an Instructor/Behaviorist's Practical Skills Course
  • Unit 5 should always be after 1-4 as without the knowledge of units 1-4 unit 5 will not be possible
  • Unit 6 & 7 offer Additional study on behaviour problem solving at the intermediate and advanced level

The units detailed here can be studied on their own if you already have an in depth knowledge of the previous units.
We hold these units each year so if you can’t manage them all in one year you can come back and study later. View our Calendar of Events
All Courses include learning materials, study guide/work book and assessment with full support.

New to Canine Behaviour? To Get You Started ..

An Introduction to Canine Behaviour - One Day Seminar : An ideal seminar to help you to decide what to do next, what you know, what you don’t know about Canine Behaviour and training, also an opportunity to discuss with Angela White the best way forward for you.